Power system logic?

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    Adjustments to the power system.

    The handheld battery carries 5MJ and the energy storage block only holds 2.5MJ, but the energy storage block has input and output for charging batteries?

    Advanced solar gens give a more consistent power supply, ok. But still only providing 1KJ more than a standard solar gen?

    The different wires, give different stats and each are used in different crafting recipes. Is there power loss over the cable length in the system? i.e. the different ohm rating. If so its not defined on the wiki and there is no in-game method of measuring this loss.

    Might be off topic, but looking for guidance.
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    I'm curious about the wires' resistance myself because I've been wanting to add stats like that too the wiki. Plus I think it would be fun having to build circuits while taking that into account.
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    The system is based on Universal Electricity's API. As it might imply, ohm is supposed to rate your electric network's total resistance. The more cables you add (including unnecessary ones) to your network, the higher resistance losses there will be. A supposed mean of decreasing these resistance losses in larger networks is by using better cables or increasing the voltage. In relevance to this, people used to install the now discontinued complementary mod Electric Expansion which provided a multimeter to check the network's ohm, voltage and ampere. It also featured ways of manipulating the network's voltage by using transformers.

    Although, I'm uncertain if this system is functioning properly in GC. I'm also uncertain about its future since simpler alternatives seem to have fallen into favor.
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