PROMO VIDEO: Galacticraft 4 - Next stop: VENUS (fly-over)


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May 18, 2013
PROMO VIDEO: Galacticraft 4 - Next stop: VENUS (fly-over)

The wait for Galacticraft 4 release is over. Venus is here. This is a fly-over showing the terrain and a bit of the dungeon.

Galacticraft 4 first official release is out. It features a bunch of new ores, mobs, items and a new dimension.
Venus is the name of the 4th and latest dimension to be added in Galacticraft 4. It is a Nether-like place with steep mountains, vapor, lava and lots of dangers.

The sky is very cloudy with constant lightning storm. There's no rain or snowfall. The atmosphere is very poisonous and corrosive.

The days are long, about 10 hours, and the sun moves from west to east. The gravity is 61%.


More details about the release: