Pros and cons of playing on a server


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Apr 27, 2014
It's great to see people announcing servers here. It's disheartening to see how little response they receive (in most cases). A lot of work goes into setting up a decent, stable server.

Personally, I really like playing on servers.


* Playing the game with other people makes the Minecraft world seem more alive
* Finding a friend or two to build a base with is fun, makes everything easier and faster
* It's also fun to have a few enemies, the greatest play experiences involve healthy competition
* A good spawn area makes you feel like you are playing on a quality server
* Standard Bukkit commands like /home and /tpa are handy timesavers
* Because there's no possibility of cheats (no NEI cheats on a server) you play the game as it's intended
* If you know how to play, PvP and griefing (if allowed) actually enhance the game


* The big public servers (like SkyWars) full of whiny, entitled kids are not so fun (but I'd hope a Galacticraft server would not be like that)
* Foul / juvenile language in chat is a turn off - depends on good moderators or chat filters (or turn off chat)
* There's always some risk of griefing, even on "no grief" servers there will always eventually be some guy who finds a workaround (so protect yourself - keep your base or storage rooms well hidden, have a backup storage somewhere so you don't lose everything - EnderChest?)
* Always a risk of arbitrary owner / admin decisions - e.g. map resets, bans, modlist update which takes out your favourite mod
* Always a risk that the server will close at any time due to lack of funding / support - this really sucks if you spent 1 month building a really great base on it

If you are a player on a newly setup server, I think as a player you have a right to ask about their funding arrangements.

The reality is most servers are run by guys who are still at school (maybe under the age of 18), and don't last even 2/3 months. In North America a server needs income of typically $100-200 a month to cover server hosting costs, domain name, website, DDOS protection, etc. The owner won't want to pay that himself. He might pay it the first month, and the server will close down in month 2 if there is not enough income. Most servers operate a "donations" model but realistically that won't produce enough income unless there are 200+ active players on the server, and it's tough for a new server to get that many.

So where does this leave players?

IMHO the best options are:

1) Established large public modded servers, which have typically 50-100 players online any time you look (that means they probably have 1000+ regular active players) - these are more likely to last the distance, take a look at their website and community / forum pages to get an idea. Even so, they will still arbitrarily take a server offline if it is not making enough money.
Warning: servers which use BungeeCord and a lobby system to link several different servers together report their total numbers when reporting the number of players online - it might only be 5 people on the Galacticraft server, so beware.

Normally public servers will be offering a popular modpack (like Tekkit or FTB or one of the other modpacks available through those launchers) to make sure that average players all use the same modpack.

2) Niche servers with a loyal community - for example servers with a custom modpack which is well-supported.

3) Servers which do not need funding for some reason - maybe somebody set one up in their home or as a project at a college IT department? If there is a good internet connection (fibre) there's no reason why this type of homebrew server is any less good than a server hosted by a hosting company.

4) Private servers for you and your friends - but this only works as long as your friends want to keep on playing Minecraft as long as you do (like the guys in the famous YouTube vids...)

This makes it tough for new servers to get started, obviously. A new server really needs a ready made community or guaranteed funding for the first few months.
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Apr 27, 2014
Here's what I'd like to see, if there's a way to make it possible:

1. The Galacticraft community agrees a decent 1.7.10 modpack with a selection of other mods to make the game interesting for most players, but to keep a fair amount of focus on Galacticraft

2. Make the pack available on Technic Launcher so that anyone (even players who are not forum members) can find it easily

3. Someone sets up a server based around that pack, with a commitment to keep it live for 6 months or longer - I suggest start with a low cost server platform, and switch to a higher cost server platform if there is income to justify it. The key thing is commitment. Players will be turned off if they think the server is likely to go away within a short time. Players will be attracted if they think it is a server which will stay around for a while.

I think it's possible for a modpack to promote a particular server, either on the pack's description page on the Technic site or even from within the code, setting a default server.

If there's interest in this, and it's done to a high standard, I for one would be happy to play on that server and I would find it great to be able to play with names I recognise from the forum (but bear in mind I don't play often as I'm mostly coding!)

We can also look at what else can be done within Galacticraft's code to support servers using a donation model (bearing in mind also the EULA). It can maybe be something to do with custom flags for SpaceRace teams - that is a "cosmetic" feature which the EULA would allow a server to restrict to donating members only. Before coding this, I'd need to understand exactly what is required for this to interact with Bukkit plugins that a server will actually be using - for example maybe command permissions would be the best way to handle this.

Seems to me there are some possibilities here, as there are in fact very few 1.7.10 modpacks on the Technic platform currently, so a good one would have a chance of taking off in a big way.


Oct 15, 2015
this should be on all community pages where people "make" servers then just shut them down,
if this was a requirement to shutting down servers then the world of minecraft would be so much better
there are not the words to describe how much this would help everyone


Jun 18, 2014
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Radfast, ive got experience with server maintnece, setup, and stability when it come to modded servers... the problem, as you stated is funding. I don't have a job(living on disablity as income since the likely hood of me holding one is slim) so I can literally maintain 24/7 if need be but at the same time I don't have the income to pay for such a server myself.

My type of dream server is one with a little of everything, from magic to technology, but mainly centered around Galacticraft but once again it comes down to funds sadly... I would make such a server in a heartbeat if I had the funds to do so just so I can play with all you guys. Shoot, the previous forge 1.7.10 server I ran had over 150+ mods and a friend was paying for it while I maintained it... you don't sort through all those crashes without learning a thing or two xD