Reformulation of harmful radiation


Jun 30, 2016
I'm sorry, if my English is terrible I am Brazilian and I am using a translator

Cosmic rays, gamma rays, x-rays, and visible light are all radiation. so why not turn harmful radiation into light?

you create in the mod a second light that in this case would be our harmful radiation, only that it would have its own aspect being able to pass through some blocks that normal light cannot reach, such as aluminum, wood and dirt or that cannot pass through blocks such as Iron, concrete and stone. Each of these blocks would have its level of protection. as well as the behavior of light in the transparent and opaque blocks in the vanilla.

Also like vanilla, some blocks can emit radiation, such as lunar and Martian dirt. as if it were the light 1 of Vanilha's mushrooms.

There is also the generation of radiation through space, which will always be present.

And of course this harmful radiation is invisible, with the exception of a very high concentration, in which case it would glow green