⚠ Important Requirements to post your Galacticraft addon (read this before posting)

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May 18, 2013
Addons for Galacticraft are welcome!

To implement an addon, you need obviously basic knowledge on Java programing language and set up your workplace with the API (see links below). Therefore, please don't promise you're going to make an addon if you have no idea of how to implement it or if you are not sure you can ever deliver it or if you have no knowledge on Java programing language. To sum up, don't promise vaporware.

If you don't know Java and Minecraft modding, you can start learning now!

Java - Start here: Java (Beginner) Programming Tutorials (do at least the first 21 lessons)

Minecraft Modding - Start here: Modding Tutorials (1.7.10) (not necessary to have finished the whole Java course, Mr.Crayfish teaches it very easily)

Requirements for posting your addon

To publish here, your addon needs to meet the following requirements, otherwise it will be blocked or removed:
  • This section is for Galacticraft Addons only. If your project doesn't need Galacticraft to run or it's not for Galacticraft at all, your project is a separate mod. Please post your project on Minecraft Forums or Planet Minecraft.
  • Only post about project plans if you have a proof that you have started working on it, such as video showcase, beta download, etc. Screenshots of mcmod.info, textures, landscape retexturing or to-do list are not proofs.
  • NOTICE: to be able to post images and links, you need to have at least 2 posts.

About existing projects in this section

- Abandoned projects will be locked and perhaps deleted, from now on.

- Posted projects with no proof the mod ever exist are given 15 days to show any actual progress in order to be kept, or they will be locked/deleted.

Non-Java addon content (resource packs, content packs, scripts etc)

- The material must be made for or related to Galacticraft.
- The anti-vaporware rule also applies.

Important Links
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