Server crash after setting Arc Lamp


Jul 22, 2015
Minecraft Version = 1.6.4

Forge Version = 10.13.1388

Galacticraft Version =

Detailed Description = Hi,

first thank u 4 this nice mod :)
second i use MC Version 1.7.10 but i couldnt choose it

so to my Problem.
I use a Cauldron Server and updated this to use a higher Forge version.
(Server -> Cauldron-1.1388.1.0 the same like Forge Version)
also updated some other Mods (getting no Problems).

Than i updated Galacticraft to latest version ( and try to start my Server.
The same Problem appears like in the Forge Crash Report.

"Ticking block entity" from the Arc Lamps
java.lang.NullPointerException: Ticking block entity

i fixed it the first time with MCEdit where i removed all Arc Lamps in the world
after that the server was starting correctly

Then i test to place an Arc Lamp in the World and the server crashed with the same problem.

dont know

Full Forge Log =