Showing off the GalaMic Solar System


Nov 4, 2013
It's been a while since I've done a post, and I couldn't decide, even after reading "About the Media section (read this before posting here)", where this belonged. It contains work inspired by GalactiCraft, but in the form of custom textures to help me for textures on this mega-post I've been working on. This is mostly a thankyou to all (not everyone who has helped got an image, :c) of the people responsible for making GalactiCraft what it is today.

In the GalaMic Solar System, I've identified 3 major planets that keeps the entire solar system "healthy."

Rafix is a red gas giant that spews out what we call "code." Code appears similar to plasma. This code is responsible for several things. It generates new objects, and helps to repair old ones. It seems to work similar to the Red Code Devshire-8 sends out. It seems to be able to tolerate high amounts of "bugs" and works as fast as it can to repair them, no matter how annoying. (Sorry, I did the pictures in 16x16. If you can't tell because of my poor texturing, It's based off your 2014 blood moon profile image.)


(Why does this look larger to me!? They should be the same size. :c)

Graphike is the second of the three discovered planets in the GalaMic system, and also a gas giant. The code shot out of this planet seems to add color and life to the surrounding planets. The code seems to work similar to the sky-blue code of Devshire. (I didn't know what colors to use. :/)


Devshire-8 is the third discovered, and is a terrestrial planet. Unlike the others, the code from Devshire comes from lakes of various colors, each doing something different. closest to the star, the lakes bubble and gases shoot out of the planet's atmosphere, and deep into space. Though, some strange force seems to pull the gases back to the other planets. (I had trouble with this image, I did at the very minimum, 4 different concepts. I tried to base this off of your profile image.)


Thanks to all of the fans, developers, and users who have contributed to GalactiCraft. I hope you like the images of the planets. (You may need to download the planet images.) We appreciate your work, effort, and time put into this glorious mod for our use. We hope you aren't driven crazy by large text, misplaced threads, profile comments, or bug-reports.