some suggestions(and issues) after getting to the moon


Apr 17, 2013
Hi me and my fellow admin walked on the moon on our server today, we plan to build a base there.

We found a moon village, and prompty stole...errr i mean re-designated one of there houses.

first the issues before getting there:
  1. we could only get "partialy full fuel cans from transposers from thermal expansion.
  2. only one person per rocket (maybe make an extra seat one of the expansion items for rockets?)
once there:
  1. we took extra o2 cans (the big red topped ones) with us, to use to get the bases life support going, but after sealing up one of the moon houses and placing an sealer, and a buble maker, we found there was no way to place a tank :(
  2. the village had a tree farm so after a trip back we placed some o2 extractors (i cant get the right names as im at work now but im sure you will know what i mean) we finaly managed to get the buble thing to make a bubble (very cool!) but it expanded through the walls! the sealer just said unsealed, and the bubble stopped short of the far wall.
suggestions for future:
  1. an oxygen tank emptyier (basicly the reverse of the filler)
  2. a block that out puts a redstone signal if its not in oxygen (for use to trigger alarms or shutters or anything in the case of an o2 failure).
  3. signage, theres loads of images on google for "Warning you are now entering a zero o2 enviroment" or "DANGER oxygen masks must be worn beyond this point" for a mod like this having some wall mountable signs with those as textures would make for a lot of atmosphere, as would hazard stripes that could be placed on the floor and walls (though not as easy as a simple sign)
  4. a new recipe for airlocks, meteorite ore is just too hard to get when your first settling on the moon, and you resort to the old smash the wall go through replace the wall
  5. oh yeah... the lander after landed, actualy fell through the floor slowly
when i get home ill try and do a video of me and mole (the other admin, not a small digging animal) in space

also love the way things float when you break them, really adds to the atmosphere!
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Mar 30, 2013
Florida, USA
yeah like 1 metriciron ingot would make like 8 air lock or something that could be used to or have 2 recipes and have the first one be really costly with overworld stuff