Space Suits

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Mar 3, 2015
And you could also upgrade the suits to protect against radiation (a good future idea) that could be present at daytime on the Moon, Space stations and the asteroids. It is avoidable by wearing a radiation plated suit and staying indoors. The suit should have custom able layers, like layer 1 protects 50% of all radiation.

Layer 2 protects against 75% and Layer 3 protects against 95%. Each environment should have a certain amount of Radiation on it. Space stations, the moon and mercury should have a lot while Earth and Venus should have little. It is measured on a scale of 0-100 where you die quickly when exposed to 100 and start losing health at 10. Different planets have different radiation levels. Each layer is more expensive than the last, and they progressively lower the amount of armour you can have on your suit. Armour on suits should only be iron, heavy duty, desh and titanium, as diamond would evaporate when exposed to high temperatures.

You can have 3 layers of armour per piece of suit, each allowing progressively more protection, until it reaches the layer 3 mark, where it has the same protection as it would if you just wore it normally (without suit.) But you can onle have 3 layers of radiation protection and armour per suit (unless you can make a possible 'advanced suit' or 'tier 2 suit which would allow something like 4 layers) so you have to balance radiation protection and armour protection.
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Nov 11, 2016
So galacticraft doesn't add any astronaught suits which I am sure everybody thinks is a bummer. So I propose that when initially going to the moon, a large bulky space suit must be used (perhaps it give slowness or something). It would have the defense of maybe chain mail armor. Once moon material are aquired (meteoric iron) a new suit could be crafted that removes the debuff (and maybe adds more defense). Once the player progresses further, it would become possible to craft a space suit that is sleek enough to be worn under armor like thermal padding is. Perhaps the player once the player is able to craft the under-armor space suit, they could choose between that and a space suit worn as armor that might have advantages like lower oxygen consumption or maybe built in jet pack or something like that


Dec 29, 2016
Good Idea ! But the advanced space suits should also work on the moon or other lower tier planets.


Jun 21, 2018
Could it be possible to have a space suit (even cosmetic) in galacticraft ? It would be quite good for decoration, usage, or roleplay.

I know some addons add ones, but it isn't "official" and not as good as galacticraft itself in most of the cases (I thought)

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