Spin Thrusters?


Feb 19, 2019
I'm just starting out GC on this server, and I'm deciding where to build my full base. I'm just wondering what exactly spinning the space station does? I read the notes, and the video on the wiki is broken, and I find Minecraft videos HORRIBLE because they take a full hour to just play the game and run around, so I don't want to put up with that, lol.
So a few questions.
1. Do the spin thrusters actually make the thing spin? Or is it "faked". Like is this similar to a Archimedes Ships thing, where the blocks are actually moving? Or is it just rotating the sky image to make it "feel" like you're spinning?
2. Does spinning the station cause lag or more RAM usage?
3. Does spinning the station allow for gravity? Or is the illusion of zero G impossible to get around on a space station? The notes make it sound like there's actually gravity.
4. If a spinning station causes gravity, do I need to build my station like a giant cylinder, so that the fake gravity caused by centripetal force works properly? If so, how does this work, as your character is always up/down normally, does that change?
5. Anything else I should know about this that I'm just too ignorant to even ask the question for?


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May 18, 2013
Hello, :)

1.In fact they don't rotate the building. They rotate both the sky and you around the center point of the station. You need to place some thrusters (the more, the faster) on the extremities of the building in other to make it "rotate". If the player is not standing on a solid block, he "orbits" the building. But even if you're standing on a solid block, and if the station is spinning fast enough, you'll notice you're being dragged sideways and a bit outward, as in being under centrifuge force.

2. No, unless there are really too many players/entities to orbit the station so the game needs to update their position every frame.

3 and 4: we were developing a new kind of dimension where a wheel-like station would rotate to generate G force and the player would be able to walk and stand against the outter wall as you describe. I myself tested it and worked but this feature is unfinished.

5. Feel free to check out our wiki: https://wiki.micdoodle8.com/wiki/Overworld_Space_Station
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