Suggestion: Explosion-proof lunar lander.


Nov 15, 2013
My first experience with Galacticraft on my private server: Finally get rocket built and fueled, and my oxygen gear set up. Launch to the moon. It's night time. Lander immediately swarmed by creepers, who predictably explode as soon as I leave the lander. Lander is gone, only thing that survived with my rocket, now stranded on the moon. Had to stop server and delete the dimension to get home.

An option in the config to make the lander explosion-proof would mitigate this.


Sep 17, 2013
Seattle, WA, USA
There is actually a config option to disable the lander if that helps. I have never disabled the lander though so I don't know if the rocket just drops a parachest like landing back in the Overworld which would blow up just like the lander.

Otherwise there is also a config option to respawn back in the Overworld instead of on the Moon each time you die in case things like that happen again. I had to do this because I wasn't prepared and forgot a canister to retrieve the fuel from the lander. Then I died and respawned in a completely unknown location on the Moon. I just logged out, changed config, logged back in and died to respawn back in the Overworld so I didn't have to lose my world.


Furthermore, I don't know how familiar you are with the mod, but you can observe the phase that the Moon is in before you launch to make sure it will be daytime when you arrive.
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