The Destructive Snowball


Apr 3, 2013
I was messing around in creative a while back and I discovered that if you are in creative and you shoot a snowball at a spaceship, it will be destroyed and placed as an item. Is this supposed to happen or is this just a quick way to be able to get rid of spaceships?

(Kinda useless if it's the second one, because you are in creative after all, but funny nonetheless.)

Edit: After testing, dispensers cannot either, but eggs also can destroy a spaceship while in creative

Double Edit: Nevermind, I realize now that the spaceship entity behaves like a minecart or boat, so that any projectile while in creative will destroy it, while when in survival, only arrows can. Good to know. However, testing this, I used the bug to place multiple spaceships in one spot. Just wondering if you ever knew about that one.