The Horizon [1.12.2] [GC4 + Addons] [PvE] [Custom Star System]


Jun 18, 2018
IP Address:
Modpack (Technicpack): Click here to download


Welcome to the Horizon!

The Horizon is a modded survival server, which includes Galacticraft 4 and all of its addons. We emphasize a balanced modpack, with the right mix of exploration, adventure, tech, magic, and more!

Some of the features you can expect from us include:

We are a PVP-disabled server that does not tolerate griefing or raiding, though there will be a PvP arenas near spawn.

Custom Star System
Exclusive to Horizon is our Custom Star System! From bizarre color schemes to dangerous worlds of wealthy resources, our Custom Star System includes a great variety of custom dimensions not found anywhere else.​

Wide modpack
Our modpack emphasizes a balanced experience. From technology, exploration magic, or even just random things, there's something for everyone.

Other Features
- High Performance and 24/7
- Economy
- Friendly and mature community
- Towny
- Grief prevention
- No Pay2Win ranks
- Events
- Legends
- And more!​

What are you doing still reading this post! Come on in!
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