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Meanwhile, on Mars...

The 'giant worm', as it is known, is a huge, mega-sludgeling. It ravages through rock and soil.




(Sound does travel through the ground, then through the base's oxygen bubble.)

Everyone ran outside, only to see the giant worm rip through the surface! It turned its head to the people - it is going to EAT the base!

'Phut phut phut' went the defense turrets, completely jammed and broken by the sludge.

The monster advances!
"Quick, get him up." said a medic.

*Alex is trundled into the base on a trolley-thing.*


The turrets come online after being fixed with a rising droning sound. PAWRiaheiAWRa BOOM! The bits of the worm are obliterated.

"Alright everyone, time to back to the main base! Return in the main ship!" The captain said. He is unplayable/micdoodle8.

"Wouldn't it be better if, since we are all meant to return to base, Alex was put into the ship's medbay?" Henry pointed out.

*Medics do that.*