The Outer Solar System


Oct 14, 2018
Let’s face it: The planets in galacticraft are pretty generic, and there really isn’t too much depth or purpose for exploring them. I have a couple suggestions for making the outer planets and moons less boring when they’re added.

  1. Don’t make the map infinite. This would allow for unique landforms to be added to the planet/moon such as volcanoes, mountains, canyons and huge craters. Also,
  2. Make Saturns rings visitable, they would be a bunch of little ice asteroids, but it would be an AWESOME place for a space station.
  3. Add the resources needed to be completely self sufficient in space. Some moons should have the resources on earth that are not present in space, such as lapis, diamond, red stone, gold, and others. BUT, don’t add each to the same planet. This would create a requirement to make bases on each moon and create a robust trade infrastructure.
  4. Space station uses: improve spin gravity on stations with separate flywheels for multiple rings, and make the spin gravity useful. Add components that are only able to be crafted in <.3 G, for more uses on space stations.
  5. Space station uses, the squeakule: auto and crewed space shuttles (not the actual plane but a little craft like the Astro miner) that only travel between space stations, and have a special docking port. They could run on Orion drives and reduce the cost of fuel in space, and be a useful part in trade lines.
  6. trade lines: I’ll finally talk about these. Each moon in the Outer Solar System should be missing a critical resource for survival, that is found on other moons in the system. To list a few, water for fuel and oxygen can be found on Europa, Ganymede, and Enceladus, and valuable metals could be found on Io, Rhea and Triton, and the best living space is on Ganymede and Titan, because of their higher gravities and radiation protection properties. These resources would need to be sent around the system to other bases. In order to streamline these processes, space stations in orbit ferry goods from the surface to orbit by cargo rockets, and shuttles between stations, This would be a pretty complex process but I think it would be worth it.
  7. Traveling to the OSS. I’m sure you’ve been thinking, just head back to Earth to get these resources. This is why that wouldn’t be a feasible possiblily. The OSS is very far away, really really far away, and with the technology present in Galacticraft, it would take up to 10 years to get to Jupiter, never mind Saturn, Uranus,Neptune, and Pluto. My suggestion is instead of building a tier 5 rocket, one must construct a transfer vehicle in an orbital shipyard, that would take a configureable time to get to the OSS. (I think 10 minutes would be good, but other times possible) I’ll elaborate on the transfer vehicle in another post.
  8. Oxygen: I really doubt that a couple bushes planted in a vacuum could feasible provide breathable air to a whole station, so I think that it should be balanced to make the water electrolizer more useful. And you shouldn’t be able to plant stuff in a vacuum.
  9. Space gate in space: this is honestly a separate suggestion, but I think it would be a good thing for the far future. On Pluto, there should be a giant space ark that teleports you to other solar systems, this would make it so FTL tech isn’t needed to be added to the mod. It is assumed that the gate was made by the other civilizations that made the abandoned bases.
  10. Lastly, I’ll say the forbidden words: Fusion Reactor. In the OSS, solar panels are basically ineffective, the only power source being geothermal on Io. A multi block fusion reactor would have all the joy of a standand fission reactor, but without the complex uranium and decay and such. A fusion reactor would run on helium 3 extracted on any moons regolith, and water.
I think these would certainly help against the people complaining about space being boring, and make the Outer Solar System an interesting and dynamic place. I am going to attempt picking up Java to work on modding, because I would love to contribute to the mod.
If I missed anything or have any logic slaps just tell me in the replies and I’ll fix it or explain. Thanks!
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Jun 1, 2015
Sun City, AZ
I'm sorry you find it so "boring", there are plugins that can increase complexity and places to explore, like Planet Progression, Extra Planets, Blank Planet, Galaxy Space. There are quite a few "idea's" that would entail a huge amount of work, so I can say with a high confidence level that they will never even be considered.There are currently only 4 dimensions added by GC, Space Station, Moon, Mars, and the Asteroid belt. The dev team is currently working on a new dimension currently called Deep Space, details here, follow the link in Rad's post for the files if you want to play with it(DO NOT file bugs from that build, its just a proof of concept). There is a ton of discussion on that thread about the addition.

1. The dimensions are currently as close to realistic as possible. So "unique landforms" beyond what they are now would not be very realistic.

2. GC doesn't do anything with Saturn. So I don't understand what you mean.

3. This point is a complete contradiction, you can't have it both ways.

4. There is no Cornelius affect, but it has been discussed(see link above).

5. I have no idea what "squeakule" is. There are however Cargo Rockets.

8. You are correct, something like this will keep you supplied with O2 for your suit indefinitely, you need something like this to make a breathable atmosphere on a space station There is a calculation done, that determines how many Oxygen Sealers you need to seal a given space/volume. For instance, I have a sphere that is 55x55x55 and it requires 72 Sealers, and about 1860 leaf blocks and about 75 Oxygen Collectors.


Oct 14, 2018
@Qudshot. I was unclear when I wrote this post, probably because I had just woken up and had a loose idea, but my suggestions are mainly for there to be a more robust trading system between moons and space stations in the Outer Solar System when it’s added that would promote building infrastructure and exploring in the late game.

[QUOTE="QuadShot, post: 45400, member: 15769]

3. This point is a complete contradiction, you cant have it both ways.

4. There is no Cornelius affect, but it has been discussed(see link above).
4.) For space stations, I never mentioned the coreolis effect if that’s what you meant. (I read the space station thread after i posted this so I’ll prohably take that off the thread)

3.) I meant that the outer moons as a total would have all the needed resources, not each one

Naturally I don’t expect the devs to drop everything immediately to satisfy this, or even work of it at all, but I would like a basic idea of self sufficiency and trading requirements in the OSS

Ps. A squeakule is a joke on Alvin and the chipmunks, I had two space station catagories and one was the sequel.