Triton, Moon of Neptune

Feb 20, 2015
Here's one you probably haven't heard, I recommend Triton as the GCV6 dimension. In this thread I will write my ideas for Triton.

Triton’s surface is made of Triton Nitrogen Stone, a white stone with an orange tint. Below the surface is a 4-block layer of Triton Stone, an orange-grey stone. Below that layer is a layer of Triton Subterranean Stone (an orange-brown stone) that extends to the bedrock level. Also on the surface of Triton are 30 block deep pits, these pits contain fountains of Liquid Ammonia. Rarely, these pits do not contain Liquid Ammonia, and instead are entrances to cave systems. Caves on Triton contain 3 types of ores; Metallic Nitrogen (the most common ore), Metallic Methane, and Metallic Oxygen. The atmosphere contains Methane, which can be collected with an Atmospheric Valve or a Hydrocarbon Collector. Evolved Mobs spawn on the surface and in the caves of Triton, like they do in most Galacticraft dimensions. Triton is mainly inhabited by Geyser Zombie, hostile transparent zombies. Normal weapons cannot hurt them, they can only be killed by a Freeze Ray. Also in the caves of Triton, are Triton Dungeons that contain Evolved Mobs, chests, and booby traps. After maneuvering through the dungeon, the player will find a boss room containing a boss called “Lord Thermosifonas”. Upon death it drops a Tier 6 Dungeon Key, that opens a chest containing a Space Colony Schematic.

The day-night cycle is 1 hour and 40 minutes (5 Overworld days), since Triton is in retrograde, mobs (excluding Palici), spawn in the day, and burn (excluding Creepers, Spiders, and Palici) at night. The Gravity is 8%, the meteor frequency is 7.0, the temperature is -4.5, and Triton is habitable.

Triton would be the "final planet", that will serve as an "access point" to the Space Colony dimension.

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