Addon Trying to write a basic blockAllSuffocation addon (Server Side Only)


Dec 20, 2018
Running a server with "the 1.7.10 pack" so this means I'm running galacticraft-core 3.0.12 and galacticraft planets-3.0.12. I've been following the instructions best I can from and but there are a couple of things that dont sit well with me (or the server). ive opted to only import micdoodle8.mods.galacticraft.api.event.oxygen in order to try and call the GCCoreOxygenSuffocationEvent.setcancelled(true). I had to remove most of the API source files anyways since they would have many errors trying to reference other parts of the mod, but this was expected as stated by the dev setup page.
Main issues right now
1. I cannot get this to compile using the extra gradlew arguments "packCoreJar packPlanetsJar packMicCoreJar" however it will compile when I just run build normally
2. API-Usage.txt says "Release your addon without any API classes or prefabs." I don't understand how you can use the API if you release it without it. Perhaps this is more in reference to client-side add-ons and I should ignore it?
3. I had to change imports referencing "net.minecraftforge.fml" to "cpw.mods.fml"

I have a working server-side mod which does not implement the API that just adds a basic "hello world command", once I add the api src files, it compiles but the server will crash with it.
sorry for my current ignorance I have limited experience making mods/add-ons so feel free to tell me how dumb I am as long as you tell me how I am dumb
you can see everything i have so far here