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    Galacticraft core =
    Planets =
    Extra Planets = 0.4.6
    More Planets = 2.0.17-GC181
    More Planets Extras = 1.0

    All moon villagers want to trade me oxygen masks... Literally every single one of them. Is this a known bug? A feature? Am I just REALLY unlucky?

    Moon dungeons are ridiculous to find on my server. I just cheated in a locator, and did find one fairly quickly, but the entrance to it is extremely small. Like 5x5 small. The pictures I see online look about 10x bigger, and far more noticeable. I traveled, no joke, about 3km in every direction, loading chunks all around, without finding even one (or at least, I couldn't tell that it was one). Is this a bug? Just a lame feature? Is this an easier way to find them? Do I just suck at this?
    EDIT: Just went SP creative and searched the moon. Using the locator I had to travel 800m before finding a "dungeon". There's no hole, and when I get the exact spot the locator finds, and dig down, there's nothing down there at all. Went off to find another, had to travel 3km away now... So are these dungeons kilometers apart? Barely noticeable? And sometimes non-existent? That's crazy. I really hope it's just my version that's bugged or something. I mean, I'm playing with a few friends. Am I really supposed to search for literal hours (spent over an hour and didn't ind one), and sometimes find a dungeon that someone else has done, seeing as they're so incredibly rare? ... I'm getting salty here...

    Secret Third question
    Not really a bug, I'm just noobish. How do you have pipes and cables going into your sealed rooms, without them ceasing to be sealed? I know this is probably super basic for a question, but help would be appreciated.
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