Utility Satellites


Sep 30, 2016
I know, I know, satellites are on the most reposted ideas list, but I’m talking about a different type of satellites: Practical ones.

First, you would craft a satellite assembly station, a Satellite hull, and a Satellite rocket, crafted using a tier 1 schematic.

The Satellite assembly station would open up a GUI with 5 item slots: a slot for the Satellite hull, 3 slots for various items, and an output slot.

There are five variations of satellites:

Energy Satellite (crafted with solar panel, energy storage module, and beam emitter): The Energy Satellite will collect solar energy from above, and beam it down to you in a reverse beacon looking structure. Great source of power for anyone looking to keep the lights on.

Weaponized Satellite: (crafted with lens, beam emitter, lunar sapphire)
Fires a laser from the sky down onto the target of your choosing. Tag a mob with the Weaponized Satellite remote, or input coordinates from a communication bay. (More on that later)

Mapping Satellite: (crafted with lens, display screen, and map)
Creates a basic biome map of everything within a 3000 block radius of the launch site. Can be used to locate structures, both vanilla and modded.

Broadcasting Satellite: (crafted with jukebox, frequency modulator, and fader dish)
Uses the latest in frequency modulation technology to play you favorite music discs across the surface of your planet! Great for trolling large servers, or living out you dream of being a radio DJ.

Weather Satellite: (crafted using Daylight Sensor, Water Canister, and sensor lens) predicts the weather. Let’s you know when it will rain next, and when the next thunderstorm is. Pretty simple, but can be useful.

Upon construction of the Satellite, place it into the inventory of the Satellite rocket and launch. voila! A satellite!

Communications Bay: Lets you ‘talk’ to your satellites.

-View the mapping satellites’ map.
-Change the song on the broadcasting satellite.
-Input coordinates for the Weaponized Satellite
-View the Weather satellites report.
-Enable, disable, or self destruct an Satellite.
-change the name of any Satellite.
-when hooked up to a display screen, it will display an image of your beautiful Satellite (each variation will look different.)

Oh, and there also an...

Anti-Satellite Defense System:
Shoot an enemy Satellite out of the sky with an advanced anti-satellite laser. Uses up a lot of power though, and involves a mini game to try and hit your target.

So anyway, those are all my ideas. What do you guys think?


Oct 1, 2018
Yeah, that's really cool. I hope it will be in this mod. Maybe at galacticraft 5?