Feb 7, 2016
OK so Venus is known as one of the easiest planets to colonize, well other than the like 100 atmosphere and everything else, like the occasional 100 year acid rain, not stuff... that's not the point though. I was doing a little research for a project, and found Venus is nearly the exact same size as earth and with a similar gravity level, identification of previous sites where water might have been, etc. The only real issue is atmosphere, really, if you fix that, it will be a sustained tempeture (between 0 and 100 Celsius... right?) And it won't rain acid not stuff, so let's say we want to switch part of the atmosphere with say, Mars, bam both planets are now habitable, they have an excellent temperate range, and can support water, now the issue is well, breathing... so we'll, carry an oxygen tank, stop making me do the work, your smart people, I'm sure we can solve it also a new planet for carrying some oxygen gears, works for me. So uhm yeah we switch Mars a day venus atmosphere with teir 3 rockets with secondary gold plating and pressurized gas tanks inside, and like this is mine craft so say 10 ships for a 25x25 area properly stabilized, screw that fact that gas moves, we can use oxygen bubbles with no surrounding systems to contain it so yeah