Wrenches Deal Damage

Aug 20, 2013
Wrenches Do a Small Amount of Damage

Why is it that when I whack someone on the head with a GC wrench, it doesn't do any extra damage? I mean, I'm whacking their skull with a chunk of solid metal!

Okay, so, I propose that, when you beat someone on the head with a wrench, the wrench does the same amount of damage as a wooden or stone axe. BUT, you can only beat them three times before it breaks AND the wrench only does damage to someone who is not wearing a metal helmet (so basically it doesn't hurt anyone wearing any helmet besides a leather cap). Also, even if you don't deal damage to them because they have a helmet on, the wrench still loses durability.

Personally, I just want this to be a think so I can whack my friends when they are making me do all of the work with the oxygen pipes and the wiring of "our" space base. :p

-Daniel :)


Apr 21, 2017
I think this the helmet/durability thing might be a bit too much effort for something that's just flavor.

Might be easier to it the same stats as a stone axe but infinite durability.
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