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So I was wondering, can the gravity value in the galactic hud or something be displayed in something that is NOT what it is in the code? Because I have to literally use an equation to convert that into a value I could read.
Can weather be added in for Jupiter, Saturn, Titan, Uranus, and Neptune?
Can you add the mobs to Kepler 22b?
Can the gravity of the moons be something different than their host planets they orbit?
Can there be a config feature that allows me to disable realistic sky provider for each world individually?
I joined in 2013 when I was 12 and, somehow, I still have my account information...
can you make a Galacticraft version for 1.16.5. it does not need any changes from the 1.12.2 version. It just needs Multiplayer compatibility. when you do plz send me link to a download thx
Hey @Ezer'Arch, if you like a suggestion, does that mean it has a good chance of being added to the mod?
My like increases 50% the chance of an idea being added to the mod. As 1% goes to 1.5%.

Joke aside, if I like something it's likely I'll talk about it to Mic or Radfast or I'll mash it together with other ideas. Radfast saw the Galacticraft WorldGen Facelift topic and told me the stuff in there was awesome and has plans to enance GC. If you like to suffer.
so ive been trying to make a post in support (1 post have never posted before) and its getting flagged as spam, ive searched the forums and havent found an answer to my problem. my server (forge 1.12.2) and on the moon we dont take damage from being without oxygen. are there any known conflicting mods that cause this issue?
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