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    Hello everyone!
    Since I have nothing to do, I will do a really useful guide about everything in Galacticraft.

    What is Galacticraft?
    Galacticraft is a Minecraft mod that allow you to travel between Planets, meet new mobs, create your own Spaceships and a lot more. It was created by micdoodle8.

    What is the Moon in Galacticraft?
    In Galacticraft, the Moon is a new planet where you can found a lot of new stuff and mobs. The new mobs that spawn on Moon are Evolved Zombies, Evolved Skeletons, Evolved Creepers, Evolved Spiders and Alien Villagers.

    What is a Space Station in Galacticraft?
    In Galacticraft, the main use of Space Station is build and store your stuff without the risk of being griefed or killed. You can invite your friends to your Space Station by using /ssinvite <AnyOtherPlayerName>.

    What is block/item X and how can it be obtained? It have any use?
    Moon turf: Moon turf is the top block of the Moon. You will need it to plant Trees on the Moon.
    Moon dirt: Moon dirt have exactly the same use of the Moon turf.
    Moon stone: Moon stone is only used as a decoration block for now.
    Moon stone bricks: Decoration block. Currently, dont have a crafting recipe.
    Copper ore (Galacticraft): Copper ore is a new ore added by Galacticraft. It can be found at Moon, and is used to make Copper Ingots.
    Tin ore (Galacticraft): Tin ore is a new ore added by Galacticraft. It can be found at Moon, and is used to make make Tin Ingots.
    Cheese ore: Cheese ore is a new ore added by Galacticraft. It can be found at Moon, and is used to make Cheese Curd.
    Cheese curd: Cheese curd can be obtained by smelting Cheese ore in a furnace or Electric Furnace. It can be used to make a block of cheese.
    Raw Meteoric Iron: Raw Meteoric Iron can be obtained by destroying a fallen meteor, that is only found on Moon, with a Diamond Pickaxe. It have a 1 in 5 chance of dropping.
    Meteoric Iron Ingot: Meteoric Iron Ingot can be obtained by smelting Raw Meteoric Iron. It's used for the crafting recipes of Air Lock Frames, Sensor Lens, and Sensor Glasses.
    Rocket Crafting Table: Rocket Crafting Table is needed to craft Spaceship, and it the future, Moon Buggy. You need 3 free blocks around it or it cant be placed. If you right click it, it will display a GUI, allowing you to craft Spaceship.
    Rocket Launch Pad: For the launch of Spaceship, you need 9 Rocket Launch Pad, in a 3x3 square. It's crafted with Iron blocks and Iron plates.
    Spaceship: You need a Spaceship to travel to new planets. You can craft it on the Rocket Crafting Table. To get it working, you need a Filled Fuel Canister, and a 3x3 square of Rocket Launch Pad.
    Empty Canister: Empty Canister is needed to get Oil.
    Fuel Canister: Fuel Canister is needed to make a Spaceship to work. It can be obtained using a Oil Canister on a Refinery.
    Oil Canister: Oil Canister can be obtained using a Portable Oil Extractor on Oil. To get the Oil in your inventory, you need a Empty Canister.
    Portable Oil Extractor: Portable Oil Extractor is needed to get Oil. You simply right click in an Oil source, while you got an Empty Canister on your inventory to get the Oil.
    Oxygen Distributor: Oxygen Distributor is a new machine added in the Galacticraft mod. It's used to distribute oxygen in the Moon. You need a Battery, and a Oxygen Collector connected with leaves around to get it working.
    Oxygen Compressor: Oxygen Compressor is needed to refill oxygen tanks. To get it working, it need a Battery and need to be connected to a Oxygen Collector.
    Oxygen Collector: Oxygen Collector is a machine that is needed to get oxygen Distributor and Oxygen Compressor working. It needs battery and oxygen (can be obtained from leafs) to work, and can be connected to other machines by oxygen pipes.
    Refinery: Currently, refinery is only used to transform oil canister into fuel canister. It need coal to work.
    Fuel Loader: Fuel Loader is needed to transport fuel from fuel canister to any spaceship. It need a battery to work.
    Air Lock Frame: Air Lock Frame is used to block oxygen to get out from any closed place. It can be activated by any redstone source.
    Oxygen Pipe: Oxygen Pipe is used to transport oxygen from a machine to another.
    Treasure Chest: Treasure Chest is exactly the same as a vanilla chest. The only difference is the sound and how it opens. Currently, it dont have a crafting recipe and is only avaible on creative mode.
    Light Oxygen Tank: Light Oxygen Tank is used to store oxygen. You can refill it with oxygen compressor. Light Oxygen Tank holds 90 air.
    Medium Oxygen Tank: Medium Oxygen Tank is used to store oxygen. You can refill it with oxygen compressor. Medium Oxygen Tank holds 180 air.
    Heavy Oxygen Tank: Heavy Oxygen Tank is used to store oxygen. You can refill it with oxygen compressor. Heavy Oxygen Tank holds 270 air.
    Oxygen Mask: Oxygen Mask is needed to breath in the Moon.
    Oxygen Gear: Oxygen Gear is needed to breath in the Moon.
    Sensor Lens: You need sensor lens to make sensor glasses. Sensor Lens can be crafted with Redstone, Meteoric Iron Ingot and a Glass Pane
    Sensor Glasses: Sensor Glasses are used to help you find mobs in darker planets. It also shows ores near you. While wearing it, all the mobs of that planet will bright blue.

    Crafting Recipes:

    This will keep getting updated!
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    Nice work. Hope to see fully developed guide soon.
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    Hyper, you forgot to mention that sensor glasses also show ores near the player.
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    Thanks, I will work on it on weekend. :)
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    Thanks, fixed it! :D
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    One thing, please put it in the guide quickly, is Airlock Frames. They seem to be functioning on a wired grid, and do not respond to my Rstone torches.
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    I dont understand much about Airlock frames too. I will work and investigate about it, and I will update it when I have sufficient information. :)
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    As it sits right now, they are purely decorations. Micdoodle said he'd be working on a way of calculating an enclosed area so that ir frames do work.
  9. Also forgot to mention Oxygen Detectors.
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    The post was made when they we're not in the mod yet
  11. I understand that, but it should still be updated to accomodate it don't you think?
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    Be great to know how to make a Iron plate.

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