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    Galacticraft 3 Release Notes

    am I the only one who actually took in consideration this message and translated something??? I've translated most of the french file,sadly not everything since I don't know what most of the items will do but I hope this helped
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    Galacticraft 3 Review ( Soon )

    you are wrong about earth rotation,he'll make it,but not through a 3d model,but through an animated texture for the earth the moon turf seems to be the same,only footprints will change and about rocket customisation... it's planned since a very long time,this "customisation coming soon" have...
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    Some new oxygen machines

    yeah,would be funny,especially on my server where running out of oxygen deal 15 health damage (almost instant kill) instead of 1 for now I can do this only in my moon base by unsealing the room or breaking a block
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    Really with the skeletons?

    if you are not able to kill those skeleton,try using other mods that add good ranged weapons (thaumcraft 4 with wand focus,or flan's with guns),you'll see,going to the moon at night with a machinegun and a wand with shock and fire foci make it easy :D
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    Some new oxygen machines

    yeah,using it for airlock is mostly for realism purpose,you can already do functional airlock without it it's main use would be for training in overworld and,like Donzaffi said,for traps,not really airlock
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    Some new oxygen machines

    yeah,one of the machines I suggested have been added,goodbye O² bottle block suggestion,and welcome to the block itself!!! edit : it seems that the O² decompressor have been added too,now almost half of my ideas have been added,thank you mic :)
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    Ambient oxygen indicator on the HUD

    so it's a custom texture pack you made? that should explain why I can't find it anywhere,I'm using AEON 1.6.2 too,that's why I haven't reconized it,since you changed glass,chests...
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    Ambient oxygen indicator on the HUD

    that would be soooo nice,I got kiled multiple time by creeper that have unsealed my base when I gone minning,this is not a good idea but a must have also,what ressource pack do you use? looks really beautiful
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    Mars sky and atmosphere

    amazing looking skybox,look like real mars atmosphere,I hope that will be added soon,it look so beautiful :)
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    Mars sky and atmosphere

    when will mars have an atmosphere? I think it's kinda boring to see stars during day like on the moon,instead of having an orange sky (grey at sunset)
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    totally right,the best example is coloured glass,they took a mod,and made that each semi transparent block is now ugly,good job mojang another good example is the book and quill,you know,that thing where you can't copy/paste things,underline things without nbtedit it,where you can't jump...
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    Some new oxygen machines

    yay,3 person who liked this and two that have posted something,in 1 month 1/2,my topic seems to be really popular :D
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    Ideas for Jupiter and Space Station System!

    for gas planet,I think we should be able to land on rings,not the planet itself or going to it's moon (like io in the jupiter's case) because you're right,how could we land on gas? landing on rings is possible,since I don't see how debris could be animated ingame if they are solid blocks,I think...
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    crash when starting Minecraft with the latest stable version

    I don't believe this,it must be a dream... IT WORKED!!! finally,after a long time of searching the solution,I found it Huge thanks Master
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    Failed to load Basic componement

    Minecraft Version = 1.6.2 Forge Version = Galacticraft Version = a0.1.39.611 Detailed Description = Crash at mojang screen Full Forge Log =