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    Brisingr Aerowing's Galacticraft Setup

    @Agentx49 My mod list I decided to remove BoP, so I am now looking for a flat area for my base.
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    Brisingr Aerowing's Galacticraft Setup

    (I forgot about this post. I haven't been all that active in MC for a while.) The map got corrupted some time ago, so no download. I was in 1.10.2, now I am going to rebuild in 1.11.2. Still have to find a place to build my base (and actually figure out what seed I want to use). I am trying...
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    Item drops in zero gravity

    This would be interesting. Support from me!
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    Space Station escape capsules/drop pods

    I quite like this idea. Would be cool for an adventure map as well. Spawn on a space station and have to escape it to the planet below.
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    Question about / Idea for the Communications Dish

    I was reading the Wiki about the Communications Dish, and came up with an idea for it. I saw that it would allow communication with space stations and the like, and I was wondering if it would be possible to allow other kinds of communication from other mods, like network packets from...
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    Brisingr Aerowing's Galacticraft Setup

    I am working on getting a full setup of a number of Galacticraft machines in my world (in creative), and I will document my progress here and answer questions about the setup. The first machine I set up is a bulk fuel refining system using two large tanks from the Pressure Pipes mod and a...