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    Space Station Force Load

    Hello, I am trying to set up a spacestation as the spawn for my server but have run into a few problems. First off I cannot seem to find a way to keep the space station world always loaded so that when new players spawn in they can spawn in the world. I am using MCPC+ with a plugin to set spawn...
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    Space elevators

    That looks awesome it reminds me of the space tower from Jyu-Oh-Sei.
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    [G1R WarCraft] PVP | Factions | Roleplay | Dungeons| Tons of Mods

    Glad you like the server plenty of new mods to be added and new quests, dungeons, and items to be created.
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    [G1R WarCraft] PVP | Factions | Roleplay | Dungeons| Tons of Mods

    You need to download the latest pre-install, when ever that occurs it means a new one has been uploaded.
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    [G1R WarCraft] PVP | Factions | Roleplay | Dungeons| Tons of Mods

    Server has been updated for 1.5.2 and is welcoming all new members with an new and improved spawn to help new players have an easier time starting on a new server.
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    Do meteorites only spawn in on the moon or do they crash onto the surface of the earth as well?
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    [G1R WarCraft] PVP | Factions | Roleplay | Dungeons| Tons of Mods

    G1R Warcraft Short Summary: G1R WarCraft is a PVP Post Apocalyptic server with features to make survival extremely difficult. The year is set in 2213 after the world has been ravaged by disasters for 150+ years. The server map is 10000 blocks in diameter which is plenty of space for all your...
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    Possible dupe glitch

    The UI of the rocket crafting table isnt closed if the table is broken by another player or an explosive allowing you take items out of the UI after it has been destroyed and then pick up same items off the ground.
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    Land Rocket Safely.

    I would prefer to have it as a config option to get the spaceship item back because it seems rather unrealistic that it magically appears back in your inventory if you eject.
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    Server Protection from Spaceships.

    Yes this could be a big issue, adding some sort of config options to disable the explosion could fix the problem.
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    Space Race

    Perhaps this could be an addon for this mod. It seems a bit much and strays away from the mod quite a bit but is a good idea non the less though as I stated it would fit much better as an addon which people could choose to add instead of being part of the main mod. Another option could be a...
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    Command to give Galactic EXP

    Why not use the same idea that Notch added with the Bottle o' Enchanting. Just add your own item that when tossed spawns galactic EXP which can be picked up. Tangible things are much funner then commands you need to memorize and type out.
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    Take a look at flans mod he has aircraft maybe you can learn something from this code to create your own vehicles/coding to add this suggested feature which I completely support.
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    The natives of mars

    How about we think of more than default minecraft mobs? There are plenty of other mods that add custom mobs why not take a step in their direction and come up with a custom mob(s) for each planet. The entire placing helmets on current mobs just seems a bit silly.
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    Buggy deployer

    Until this feature could be added you should make it so we can use regular dispensers to deploy vehicles.