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    All of my GC bases

    amg no :eek:
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    All of my GC bases

    Make a server and lemme join u in private.
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    Dantorian Space Race

    Noted this too.
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    Dantorian Space Race

    Yeah, Note: NEI Does work with GC3 1.7.2
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    Dantorian Space Race

    Modpack Suggestions: Inventory Tweaks Mod -For Inventory/Chest Management Zans Minimap (Voxelmap) -For waypoints and stuff. Not Enough Items (NEI) -Crafting Recipes for all items. Optifine Ultra - HD Texture Support & Improved FPS.
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    Dev Help!

    I think this thread belongs here
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    Oil generation improvements

    This seems fair enough, too bad i never use Galacticraft without Buildcraft so i always have oil spawns on the surface.
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    Aluminum Ingot color

    I dont think we can ripoff colors from other mods, i dont really know if its even considerd ripoff.
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    Modifications to the mod

    go here , and delete this thread my friend.
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    Planetary Annihilation

    Doesnt matter, back to the main topic. as Hari said here, i dont see why you want to destroy valuable planets from your minecraft world. I dont see any point in that.
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    Planetary Annihilation

    "The story's of a psycho and star wars fan on its finest"
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    Decoration Block (Wall, Stairs, Slab)

    Nice, i wish this was in the actual thing.
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    Oil and Bacterial Sludge Dripping particles

    I want this too!
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    my possible idea thread list

    Yeah im about sure 89.6% of this forum (Including Me), has bought the game.
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    my possible idea thread list

    "Superior Steves" could be the players that bought minecraft and have skins :P