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    Oil Extraction Issue (the oil is not extracting)

    Oh, I just tested your theory and it does work! It feels so counter-intuitive that you get limited oil even though the source block doesn't disappear. I guess I have to keep track of which ones I've right-clicked? Weird. Thanks for your help!
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    Extracting oil bug?

    Is that really what's intended because oh my god Can you maybe specify that on the mod's main page or fix it (The bottom of the block on a flowing source are you serious)
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    Oil Extraction Issue (the oil is not extracting)

    I'm running a server just for me and my friend. Forge and Player API are up-to-date. The mod is version 0.0.14. Neither of us has any other mods installed. Everything has been spawning normally, but we had to go far from our base to create new chunks so oil would spawn, since I started the...
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    Crashed Meteorite Biomes

    You could make biomes on the overworld where meteorites have crashed, leaving ores from other planets (and meteoric iron.) The biome would be a few chunks in size, more or less barren and crater-like in appearance, with visible meteorite remains, and maybe space mobs could spawn around it at...