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  • So I was wondering, can the gravity value in the galactic hud or something be displayed in something that is NOT what it is in the code? Because I have to literally use an equation to convert that into a value I could read.
    Can weather be added in for Jupiter, Saturn, Titan, Uranus, and Neptune?
    Can you add the mobs to Kepler 22b?
    Can the gravity of the moons be something different than their host planets they orbit?
    Can there be a config feature that allows me to disable realistic sky provider for each world individually?
    Hey I was wondering when it will be updated to we can actually go to planets like haumea and all the other Keplers. Please respond
    Hello ! I am the owner of a 1.10.2 server using a lot of technic mod and gakacricraft, I am making a launcher and a mod pack for it, do I have the permission to include it in ?
    It will a RP server based on automation and with opencompunter and others, and this will be usefull because the idea is based on space.

    I would like to add your mod to my new modpack I'm working on.
    Space adventure with some hi-tech mods.

    hey, I hope all is well! Perhaps you can help?
    I am currently creating a major map project for minecraft that incorporates several other mods, notably that of Galacticraft. I am hoping you'd be able to help me with the creation of both a Star, and perhaps a few planets? This project is huge and has the potential to be great, given the right details are covered.
    thank you for your time
    Yeah i'd be willing to help out, add me on skype.

    Skype: MJRLegends
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