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    I would personally LOVE to launch a satellite that can link to a display screen to give a picture of a certain area of the planet it orbits. Like, instead of an image of the area you launched from, you can select an area to monitor. This could be especially usefull in servers, like Iif you want...
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    Solar Flares and Aurora Borealis

    Some kind of animation in a taiga (arctic) biome would be awesome, and solar flares should be a menace on planets or moons with a thin atmosphere. Solar flares in real life could knock out the power grid of an entire continent, or in the case of many, maybe on a server, a space base. Things...
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    Space Station escape capsules/drop pods

    I shall wait patiently for that 'what do you think of this post' thing to pop up. Tick tock tick tock tick tock.
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    Meteors and creative test worlds.

    This is pretty neat. A way to defend against meteorites would be cool
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    Space station on the Sun

    Yeah, true.
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    Small and cozy moon base

    Oh, cool, I didn't know that you could do that.
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    Space station on the Sun

    I really like this idea. Perhaps something like a super capacitor, or a super battery.
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    Interstellar Movie Style Black Hole

    I agree with zachecho. But also a system of barely habitable planets which you are teleported to could be cool...
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    Possible way to achive artificial gravity

    Indeed, that is a great idea. I'm sure ww all know how annoying the gravity on a space station can be.
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    Rovers, cameras, vehicles, and more

    Dang, just re-read that. Sorry about all t he freaking typos.
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    Rovers, cameras, vehicles, and more

    I may not be a modder but these ideas would br awesome, trust me, but EXTREMELY hard to code. You jave to be aware of what Mr. Micdoodle has to do, such as bug fixes, stufg from normal ubdates, and like over 9000 other things. But the Rover idea is really cool. The anti-chunk loading idea is...
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    Ideas for Eve...Ahem i mean Venus.

    Maybe some kind of platinum ore to get platinum, which you somehow liquify to plate armor with, seeing as how platinum is a generally unreactive metal.
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    Venus landscape suggestion

    Indeed. Some kind of contamination thi g would be cool too, BUT it might be a little hard and that would put mpre stress on middle, which would slow down the moddig process, putting yet more stress on micdoodle; rhus continuing the process. Also to the person who posted that Venus landscape...
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    Brand new account. Literally made it today. I hope to eventually start a YouTube channel...

    Brand new account. Literally made it today. I hope to eventually start a YouTube channel. Anyways hi.
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    Add more to inside the rocket

    Panels with somethimg that lools kinda like a HID in a fighter jet or display screens as seen in the Apollo missions. Also, thanks Micdoodle for the display screens.:)