Block Enhancement Requests


Jun 1, 2015
Sun City, AZ
Fuel Loader
The ability to de-fuel the fuel loader. There is currently no way to remove fuel from it, other than into a rocket.

I would like a Probe1 or WAILA type data to show fuel level/status and Storage data(space/slots available) of a rocket on a launch pad.

Lighting Panels
I use these panels quite a bit, and I don't always remember what I copied/colored them with when I placed them. Since I can't just copy one I would like to have a way to find out what I did to get the color I have placed. ie I like the color/texture I used when I built x, I want that color/texture for the thing I'm building now, but I don't remember what I used to get that color/texture.These blocks always look the same in my inventory, the default block look. I would like the ability to see what it's color(copied data), and light color data as a tool tip in my inventory.

Chromatic Applicator
Getting and being able to set light color via RGB would be nice, so I could repeat said color at a later time.

Be able to place them at the bottom of a block. I want to put cables in my overhead with cables and pipes above them. It would also be nice to be able to place Pipes, Wires, and Conduits(EIO) under/over them.
2018-06-03_22.17.35.png 2018-06-03_22.18.05.png