Buff moon dungeon discoverability, nerf Elytra on other worlds


Jul 2, 2019
I've been playing Galacticraft with no other gameplay-modifying mods, and I've been having a blast! I just got the two schematics I needed from the moon, and I'm ready to head to Mars. But before I do, I have some suggestions. These are inspired by the fact that I thought moon dungeons were too hard to find without Elytra, and too easy to find with Elytra.

---------------------- Moon dungeon discoverability ----------------------

In the Overworld, looking for things is fun. First of all, there are lots of things to look for (rare biomes, dungeons, strongholds, wolves, villages), so you might happen upon something you're not explicitly looking for. Also, the terrain is varied and beautiful, which on its own is a good incentive to explore. However, on the moon, the only reason to explore is to find a moon dungeon. There are no biomes, and the only other structure (moon villages) are everywhere; you probably saw one right where you landed. On top of that, the terrain pretty much all looks the same.

It makes sense that the moon is a monotonous wasteland, but that does make exploring boring. I spent quite a bit of time looking around on foot for my first moon dungeon, and I wasn't having fun after a few minutes. Therefore I suggest making moon dungeons easier to find. This could be either by having them generate more frequently, or by implementing a way to locate them, like the Eye of Ender for finding Strongholds.

-------------------------------------- Elytra --------------------------------------

After a couple hours, I gave up exploring on foot and got myself an Elytra and built gunpowder and paper farms for rockets. When I started exploring again, I had myself a dungeon in just five minutes or so. I found the Moon Buggy schematic, and happily crafted the resources to build it. It was super fun to drive, but the max speed of 10 m/s (on flat ground) and dependence on fuel and fuelling pads made it much less useful than the Elytra’s ~30 m/s. Not to mention that you can see dungeon entrances much more easily from the air than from the ground. The Buggy’s inventory does give it some points, though.

Therefore I think that, in order to see more Moon Buggy usage on the moon, the Elytra needs to be nerfed. This also makes total sense because the moon has no atmosphere, so what are you gliding on?

I think the Elytra should take atmospheric density into account. It should not work at all in a vacuum. In low-pressure environments like Mars, the Elytra should be worse at keeping you afloat, but better at maintaining your speed due to the decreased air resistance. In high-pressure environments like Jupiter, it should be great at counteracting gravity, but you should slow down pretty quickly. These effects could be balanced such that it works on the Overworld just like it does in vanilla, but is always worse in other environments. The Elytra was designed to work optimally in a particular environment, and when you move out of that environment, it should work suboptimally.
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