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Would you prefer RCS based or winch based?

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    Jun 23, 2019
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    Two things I would love to see in Galacticraft would be proper EVA suits and NASA's SEV.
    One major problem I have with space stations is the movement. When I'm building, I tab away for one second and I've drifted far enough to where I can't see my space station, and acceleration/deceleration is sluggish at best. Something that would really help building would be an EVA suit with either an RCS system akin to Kerbal Space Program or winches & cables to keep yourself hooked up to your station.
    The suit itself could be equipped via something like an armor stand, rather than being in multiple pieces, or like regular armor. It could be able to hold extra oxygen itself to allow someone with nothing on them to use it. With an RCS system, it could use a special fuel or regular fuel to feed small thrusters that allow the player to control similar to normal but at higher speeds and quicker acceleration. It could be able to switch between modes precise and drift, precise stopping the player when a directional key is released, and drift letting the player coast.
    With a winch and cable system, the player can attach the EVA suit to a winch that upon the press of a button will reel the player back towards the winch. The player could have two cables that they can use to clip themselves to mounting points that can be placed on the exterior of the station using a dual carabiner item. The item on right click attaches to the mount being looked at and on another click is detached or clipped onto the next mount, and vice versa for the other cable but with left click.
    The SEV can be a more rugged version of the rover being able to take on tougher terrain with ease, lights to show the way, and space for multiple players. It has two points for EVA suits to be docked and has a pressurized interior. It would be ideal as a mobile base that acts as protection from acid rain on Venus, sandstorms on Mars (not a thing but would be cool), solar radiation from planets with minimal atmospheres, and an escape from evolved mobs.
    Overall, I think both of these would be great features to add to Galacticraft 4.

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