Fuel/Oil disappearing


May 18, 2018
I noticed my oil and fuel disappearing from my refinery and fluid pipes. The fuel loader always stays filled, but sometimes the other bits are totally empty when I return from the moon or I load my game. The refinery, fuel loader and fluid pipes (Galacticraft) in between were full and the storage (first the fluid tanks from Galacticraft, now from Immersive Engineering) was at least partially full. I am guessing there is some kind of a leak somewhere in the system. I have not done extensive testing yet to figure out in which situation (coming back from the moon/loading entire game) it happens. Also, the fuelling area was not chunkloaded, not sure if it could have any impact, but the more information the better.

I added a picture of my setup. There was no rocket on the platform while this happened (I actually think the launch pad wasn't there either when I lost my oil/fuel). Previously, when I still had the Galacticraft tanks, I think I had a storage of four full tanks, so it couldn't have been because of loading fuel in my rockets either.

Fuelling a new rocket does empty the fuel loader as it should.

Thank you for reading and replying!

MC 1.12.2
GC 1.12.2-
*custom modpack