Good seed for Galacticraft

Oct 17, 2013
Hello everyone. New to Galacticraft so I just figure I would say hello, and thanks to MicDoodle for this awesome Mod! I like mods that have an end state to them or in the case of this mod an almost never ending list of things to do or that can be potentially done.

Enough about me the more important part. I have been just trying out things in creative to learn how everything works and try to keep up with the mod changes.

Mods I'm using:
Custom NPCs
Steves Carts 2

The only feature I'll give coordinates to is Buildcraft Oil other than that the other coordinates should be fine if your not running the same mods as me.

Seed: 1681701889239462919

Spawn: +178 +256

Head generally west to my launch site area at -437 +655

There is a 14 high Oil geyser (Buildcraft) located south east at -360 +760

Now being new I am not sure if I stumbled upon something unique or just something that happens in Galacticraft. Both Moon and Mars dungeon share the same coordinates for the start with similar layout (not broken)

Both can be found at -500 +636

When launching from my spot the dungeons are not very far away, so makes it very convenient to have your bases (Overworld, Moon, Mars) on the same coordinates.

Also big perk here, I laced my nether portal on top on my "Mound/ Launch Site) I spawned into the nether at -57 +73 (Watch your step as you'll be high up and on the edge) I did a quick walk south and the west and found the nether fortress with the blaze spawner at -128 +132 (Open Air), I breached the east side of the wall and found a tunnel heading west inside and the second left you can make there is another dead end blaze spawner at -148 +138 less than 25 blocks away from the first

I haven't done much exploring below ground yet as I am still goofing around with creative. If people are interested I will keep this thread going with what I find.