Item drops in zero gravity


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May 18, 2013
Just an eye-candy or why-not feature... unless I find something useful for it (floating sculptures?)

Drops somewhat follow the entities' gravity acceleration in every dimension, except in the space stations. Drops pretty much fall like in the Moon dimension while entities are in "zero gravity".


What if drops didn't fall but float instead?

(skip to 1:26)

However, the items' motion won't follow the exact kinetics/inertia applied to entities (keeping their momentum until colliding with something). Drops could simply slow down until they stop "mid-air" and don't fall.

In case of breaking a chest or thrown item (Q key), drops would go up just a little bit (as of today) and then slow down and stop with the spinning animation.

Potential space debris problem? Nope. They won't be around forever as they disappear 5 minutes later.

Companion idea: floating drops can be recovered with Magnetic Belt.
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