Larger scale galaxy support


Apr 10, 2017
To preface this i would like to state i have yet to look into how the galacticraft galaxy map works, but i would soon like to either 1) aid in development with the mod should this suggestion gain footing 2) start building a plugin centered around this.

in short: large scale travel (intergalactic) has been a huge dream of mine since i first started playing Galacticraft. my suggestion is support for a larger scale galaxy map, one where you can view entire galaxies instead of just planets.

lenghty explanation: add the ability for modders to add separate galaxies to travel too, allowing mods like Amun-Ra, etc etc to have separate galaxies to allow for a higher immersion in the game play. rather than having imaginary planets, or planets in a separate arms of the galaxy, all on one map, the player could choose an arm of the galaxy to travel too (having a button on the GUI or a key bind allowing the player to zoom out by one step, i.e. our local system to our galaxy, from our galaxy to our local super cluster etc and zoom back in by using the same method). this would allow modders/the galacticraft team to create entire systems without having to rely on the rocket tier system itself for interstellar travel, rather they would rely on different methods of travel (einstien-rosen bridge, kugleblitz power, some kind of warp drive, a solar sail) for each "tier" of the universe

most of this is inspired by Pra's Amun-Ra, his use of animation and a single-dimension to portray the act of interstellar travel was pretty smart and really efficient and is wonderfully adaptable to the galacticraft core gameplay itself. along side this: it works with quite a few mods, and allows you to skip using the rocket tier system all together, sacrificing fuel, time, and power instead of many many material.

this core concept of 2 types of leveling (macro leveling and micro leveling) are what would drive the core mechanics.

example: once you create an interstellar ship, you no longer need to use rocket tiers to travel to planets, simply just position your large craft over a planet and take a shuttle down a la Star Trek and begin harvesting building. however to travel further and faster you would need "macro leveling" leveling up your current large ship to be able to travel further. this would allow moders to populate the galaxy with greater immersion but on the downside it would take more time to do so.

Interplanetary: using rocket tiers to hop from Planet/Satellite to Planet/Satellite
Interstellar: using another travel mode to hop from solar system to solar system
Infragalactic: using another travel mode to hop from galactic arm (or simply sector) to another
intergalactic: using another travel mode to hop from galaxy to galaxy

Rocket tiers: currently used as the primary form of travel in galacticraft and most of its plugins
Ion engine: ion engines would be the most crude form of travel ,beyond using solid fuel rockets, high fuel usage, high power usage, and high travel time. this would be the absolute base for travel beyond just interplanetary.
Solar-Sails: solar sails would be the second best, with low to no power usage, very little fuel, and low travel time.
Kugelblitz: requires highest power, lower fuel, but larger space to place engine.
Blackhole: requires lower power, highest fuel, and mid range space to place the engine
Warpdrive: requires highest power, highest fuel, but takes up the least space.