[Noob Addon Making Question - 1.12.2] Overworld-like planet rendering


Jun 1, 2020
The original title was meant to be "How can I get my planet to show when up in the air like the Overworld", but it was too long, only putting this here for more info. if necessary.

So I recently started trying to make an addon, but I got disappointed when I couldn't find much help, so I started looking at other addons' source code (like MJRLegends' ExtraPlanets, it has been a lot of help to get started and progress, thx) and at the Galacticraft source code for that help I needed.
The only thing I couldn't find that I would like to do before taking it more seriously and not as a test, was that I wanted to get my planet to show when you lifted off, much like the overworld (the only one I can remember rn).
So basically that's the whole point of this (too long sry :/)

Btw, if anyone could point me in the right direction for tutorials, good places to look at, or even the most basic stuff I should know, it would be very helpful.

TLDR; Help with rendering my planet below the spaceship like in the overworld + general addon making guidelines.