Space robots, water on space station and fancy suits.


Jun 1, 2017
What I propose is:
1. Some forms of robot that operates in vacuum- sit in a control seat and you have control over it for outside of the station repairs and whatever. It has an inventory that you put things from the inside of the station in and it charges on the outside. Just remember to charge it and tether it down!

2. Water physics and dehydrated food implementation. Water in space floats. What if when you get food you HAVE to dehydrate it or run the risk of shorting out equipment in a five block radius.

3. Heavy duty spacesuits or customisable face masks. Enough said.

Oh yes- one other little thing- thermal regulators and padding SHOULD In actual fact be needed in space. Perhaps let them give some sort of buff (decreased oxygen use?)

See what you think!

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