Umm.. which way is up? (For space ace stations)


Sep 30, 2016
Floating in space stations is fun, sure, But my space station is decorated to look like it has gravity. And can you blame me? A lot of my furniture has to be placed on the floor. My bed, on the floor. My chests, on the floor. Well what if...

There were sideways beds for sleeping on walls, and upside down beds for sleeping on ceilings?

There were sideways/upside down chests could could go on your walls/ceilings?

There was cross compatibility with Mr Crayfish's Furniture to put *it* on the walls and ceiling?

And what if there was a way to "reorient" your player character so *we* could be facing sideways or upside down. I can look out a window on my "wall" and see the earth!

Personally, I would have a lot more fun messing around with the space station feature if this were possible.


Jun 1, 2015
Sun City, AZ
I love this idea, unfortunately there is no coriolis force in space no matter how fast you spin your station. There is also no "tumble" type mechanic in the game(for player). I've actually discussed this with the developers ( (follow the link to the github page, and scroll down)). You should also be using the Cryogenic Chamber instead of a bed. So, you need to "Get your ass to mars!":) and find some Desh.