When Jupiter comes out, can it rain diamonds?

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    This is a real thing that actually happens. Let's say that you can land on Jupiter, but there is a chance that you will fall into the void. If you do manage to land, you are inflicted with blindness and you will find it very hard to take off again. So to get the diamonds, you have to send a hopper probe down to collect them. To send a hopper probe:
    1. Fly to asteroids with a tier 3 rocket.
    2. Right-click, which will display the cosmic catalog.
    3. Select Jupiter.
    4. Launch.
    5. When the probe comes back, it will be full of diamonds!
    To craft a hopper probe, do one hopper and four shulker bullets.
    To collect shulker bullets, use them with a bottle.
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    The pressure is way too high, if it can compress carbon to diamonds, then you need all of your equipment to be harder than diamond. We have discussed "gas giants" and mining from orbit though.
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