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    Forum Updated!

    The forum has been updated. If you're experiencing any issues please let me know in this thread. Mention me on twitter if you're having issues with account creation or posting!
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    Change the Changelog?

    That page will automatically update as I make new builds. If you bookmark that you'll always be able to see the changes for each individual build.
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    Change the Changelog?

    I needed a break from looking at bugs, so I wrote a quick changelog parser. Useful or not, it made me sick of PHP so I can go back to the mod now.
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    Wiki account confirmation

    Hey, which email service are you using? (Gmail, Hotmail, etc.)
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    Galacticraft 1.8.9/1.10.2/1.11.2 release!

    Build 66 released, for 1.8.9, 1.10.2 and 1.11.2 Please include version number when reporting issues in github
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    Help reducing the numbers of Oxygen sealers needed or a space.

    I could implement some kind of 'boost' item which increases the size of the seal volume. The benefit to this is you're only increasing the range of specific sealers, which wouldn't decrease the efficiency of some guy trying to seal his little dirt hut. You're talking a much more massive...
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    Addon [1.7.10] Amun-Ra 0.4.8 - Now with Motherships [NO LONGER SUPPORTED]

    You can now add all types of items in the 'extended inventory' using the API. Also zero gravity code has been moved from WorldProviderOrbit (you can now extend WorldProviderZeroGravity for that capability). See...
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    Addon [1.7.10] Amun-Ra 0.4.8 - Now with Motherships [NO LONGER SUPPORTED]

    Yes, I'll most likely be backporting all changes to 1.7.10, but development will be focused on 1.8.9 and beyond. No timeline for the backport, I'll probably get a stable build of GC4 out for 1.8.9 first. That should be do-able, but I'll have to look at the code and make sure (zero G is...
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    Addon [1.7.10] Amun-Ra 0.4.8 - Now with Motherships [NO LONGER SUPPORTED]

    This was brought to my attention and it looks great. If you need any hooks or tweaks to Galacticraft let me know!
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    IndustrialCraft² Compatibility

    I'm not sure if you're the person that reported it on github, but this will be fixed in the next build.
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    Galacticraft 1.8.9/1.10.2/1.11.2 release!

    UPDATE: Galacticraft 4 has now been released. Latest build 109 is stable - June 20, 2017. You can download the Galacticraft mod - for Minecraft 1.11.2, 1.10.2 and 1.8.9 - from the official download site. Make sure to remove old versions of Galacticraft from your /mods folder, if updating...
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    Where is the Galacticraft Custom Flag file saved?

    It's stored in the world save folder, under /data/GCSpaceRaceData.dat You'd need a program such as NBTExplorer to access the data.
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    New forms of Energy (Brainstorm Thread)

    I was considering adding some sort of rocket which flies up without the player and beams energy back down as it passes in "orbit". The block on earth would be some sort of beam receiver, which I had been looking at implementing in the past. Kind of a super efficient solar probe, which is of...
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    Check out the new & improved forum!

    Hey guys, quick update. Simply put, the forum was not in great shape prior to the latest update. Spam was a major problem, email errors prevented new members from registering, and most of the addons and the styles were outdated. Luckily, this all appears to be fixed with some elbow grease and...
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    Thermal protection in sealed buildings

    I ended up going with the ambient temperature regulator type system inside the sealer. This was not only easier to implement but made more sense... if there's little to no air, how would it be heated/cooled? You would always need the room sealed anyway, so a separate machine is a pain. The...