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  • Hey man, im trying to host a galacticcraft mod/moonquest++ server with Apex could you please help me. It isnt working. I made a support post on the forumns under "Brendan11011"
    I have a problem with my oxygen tanks that disappears when there is no oxygen left in the tank

    I am using extra planets btw
    Hey, I can't find any other way to contact your but when trying to edit my post about a galacitcraft server it does not let me. It says something about contacting an administrator so I will do so.
    Hey, I'd like to help with the development of Galacticraft but I'm not an experienced Java programmer (which doesn't necessarily mean I'm bad), and the existing GC code seems to have some kind of an organical structure, so I need a little bit of guidance on and explanation of the code. I wish to discuss further changes and additions, as well, before doing stuff that would turn out useless. P.S.: Are there PMs?
    I am contacting you and Micdoodle as per EzeerArch's suggestion to ask if the IArmorGravity interface can be extended to apply to space stations, as wearing the gravity suit makes it nigh impossible to navigate space stations due to jump boost propelling you 20+ blocks into the air.
    Thanks for being honest with me about my earthlike planet idea.
    I don't like it when people are either too harsh or too sugar coating with things.
    radfast can you help me on how to code a new dimension for Minecraft 1.7.10 i really really need a help please :)
    I don't have time, sorry LividPumpkin. There is info on the Wiki and in the AddOns subforum on how to get started, and after that it depends on your skills. To make a planet, you will need to understand (1) random terrain generation in computer games and (2) Minecraft worldgen. There are books and online sources for (1). For (2), study the vanilla Minecraft code or our Moon or Mars code.
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