1. C

    Galacticraft 1.7.10 API modding

    Hello everyone! I need help with API modding for version 1.7.10. The official site does not have API 1.7.10 :( , but I need to get these APIs.
  2. Denfop

    Addon [1.7.10] MegaPlanets v0.5

    I welcome everyone. This mod adds a lot of things in space! A lot of planets have already been added, about 11 planets. Missiles from level 4 to 8, will soon be up to 12. It is planned to release about 20+ planets. New mechanisms added: crusher, alloy smelter, extractor, alloy rocket and her...
  3. Ezer'Arch

    ArchWorld: video series in Portuguese and English

    If you speak Portuguese or read English, I'm starting a video series starting on Minecraft 1.7.10 and ending on 1.12 (maybe further). 1st video: Just created a new world from scratch to demonstrate some things with mods in, say, semi-survival mode. It may include tutorials and mod reviews in...
  4. CabeoC

    Help with Addon Versions

    Hi! I use Minecraft v1.7.10 and have been using GalactiCraft v3.0.11.333 with the More Planets addon v1.2.9 for a while now. I would like to upgrade to the latest versions of these for MC 1.7.10 and have installed GalactiCraft v3.0.12.504 for 1.7.10. It works fine by itself alongside my other...
  5. S_Hacker

    Dreamland 2.0 | GalactiCraft | 1.7.10 |

    IP Address: dreamlandserver.ddns.net Modpack (USE FORGE 1.7.10) https://docs.google.com/uc?id=0B5mkJn5pkMoRM1ctSkM4VjdJY0U&export=download . . . Other links website: http://dreamlandforums.boards.net/forum discord: https://discord.gg/jkb3tX9 rules...
  6. WhiteWarrior

    Addon [1.7.10] Space research

    Space research Addon for Galacticraft3 This addon add a few planets in the solar system and a couple of new generators. Description Planets: Mercury Venus The End Items: Energy Multi Tool Graviboots New thermal armor Rocket Tier 4 level Generators: Nuclear reactor Advanced solar panel...
  7. Ezer'Arch

    Content Pack Dynamic Surroundings config files for Galacticraft

    Dynamic Surroundings config files for Galacticraft 1.7.10 and 1.8.9 This pack is for Galacticraft players who use Dynamic Surroundings mod and don't want to hear winds, rocks crumbling and other out-of-place sound effects in space anymore. There will be no ambient sound in the airless...
  8. SteveKunG

    Addon [1.10.2/1.11.2] More Planets v2.0.9

    More Planets All mod information have been move to Curseforge! Link : Click here
  9. AndreySV

    Addon [1.7.10] Galaxy Additions [For Galacticraft 3] [NO LONGER SUPPORTED]

    Extend horizons! Note : Galaxy Additions doesn't work without Galacticraft 3 & Galaxy Space! ============================================================== Current version: 1.0 [BUILD 9] ========================== Download (BUILD 4): 1st link - http://adfoc.us/39255361186047 2nd link -...
  10. _CreeperDust_

    Disappearing Rocket

    On my survival world, I had a fully fueled Tier 1 Rocket and 56 storage spaces, all taken up. Before launching to the moon, I copied the world. I came back to the same world, and the rocket was gone. Mods installed: Galacticraft Core 1.7- Galacticraft Planets 1.7- Micdoodle...
  11. M

    A Error in my GalactiCraft

    I create a modpack with my friends when I installed galacticraft gave this error fml version 1.7.10
  12. BlesseNtumble

    Addon [1.12.2] [1.7.10] Galaxy Space [2.0.14/1.2.14 Pre-Final Build]

    About : This mod adds a lot of planets and moons for modification GalactiCraft. The addon will not work without a main mod - GalactiCraft 3. We do not pursue other creators of addons. We try to make high quality. The addon is made for version Minecraft 1.7.10 and 1.12.2 and earlier versions will...
  13. MJRLegends

    Addon [1.7.10 - 1.12.2] Extra Planets *Updated 10/01/2021*

    Extra Planets Public Discord Server for MJRLegends Projects: Here (NOT FOR REPORTING OR TALKING ABOUT BUGS, PLEASE USE THE DISCORD FOR NON BUG HELP! AND THE ISSUE TRACKER FOR BUGS) This ExtraPlanets Radiation Calculator will help you work out how long you will last on a planet/moon based on a...
  14. RamiLego4Game

    Addon [GC3][1.7.10] Pixel Galaxy [Development Stopped (Because of school)]

    Pixel Galaxy: The First Public Galacticraft Add-on that Adds New Galaxy to Galacticraft Download : Github Status : Writing TODO list Changes: V0.9.0 (Stable) : 1- Cleaned some parts of the code. 2- Changed some of the textures. 3- New trees gen (Alpha). 4- New pixel wood blocks upgrade-able...