1. Cosmology

    Spin Thrusters?

    I'm just starting out GC on this server, and I'm deciding where to build my full base. I'm just wondering what exactly spinning the space station does? I read the notes, and the video on the wiki is broken, and I find Minecraft videos HORRIBLE because they take a full hour to just play the game...
  2. Denfop

    Addon [1.7.10] MegaPlanets v0.5

    I welcome everyone. This mod adds a lot of things in space! A lot of planets have already been added, about 11 planets. Missiles from level 4 to 8, will soon be up to 12. It is planned to release about 20+ planets. New mechanisms added: crusher, alloy smelter, extractor, alloy rocket and her...
  3. _CreeperDust_

    Adding CoFH ores to Asteroids?

    Because ores spawn in the asteroids dimension in a weird way, I was wondering how I go about adding ores from CoFH such as platinum ore. Do I do it through the CoFH ore config, or can I do it through GC's own ore spawning config?
  4. MemezForBeanz

    Changing Overworld base Dimension (Not ID)

    This is just something I was curious about doing. I would know if it is possible to change which dimension the over world base refers to when traveling to it. My main reason behind this is because I have another practically identical which is much better to move around in and allows one of my...
  5. WhiteWarrior

    Addon [1.7.10] Space research

    Space research Addon for Galacticraft3 This addon add a few planets in the solar system and a couple of new generators. Description Planets: Mercury Venus The End Items: Energy Multi Tool Graviboots New thermal armor Rocket Tier 4 level Generators: Nuclear reactor Advanced solar panel...
  6. SteveKunG

    Addon [1.10.2/1.11.2] More Planets v2.0.9

    More Planets All mod information have been move to Curseforge! Link : Click here
  7. AndreySV

    Addon [1.7.10] Galaxy Additions [For Galacticraft 3] [NO LONGER SUPPORTED]

    Extend horizons! Note : Galaxy Additions doesn't work without Galacticraft 3 & Galaxy Space! ============================================================== Current version: 1.0 [BUILD 9] ========================== Download (BUILD 4): 1st link - http://adfoc.us/39255361186047 2nd link -...
  8. kingofminers

    Addon [1.7.10] ExtendedPlanets [ALPHA]

    About: ExtendedPlanets is an add-on for Galaticraft that adds new planets to inhabit, and is in the alpha stage of development, so there will be bugs and missing content. Star Systems: Key: Red - Not implemented Yellow - In Development Green - "Finished" TBN-36: Stars: TBN36-A, TBN36-B...
  9. RonFall

    Addon Vacuum Horizon [GC3]

    Description: Addon Vacuum Horizon adds to the universe Galacticraft many celestial bodies, weapons, tools, mechanisms, blocks, flora and fauna (in future). Try it in game. Required build: Galacticraft, GalacticraftPlanets, MicdoodleCore Download: VacuumHorizon[AV-0.6]
  10. InsanityPie

    Addon My 4 space continuation attempt [NO LONGER SUPPORTED]

    Now alot of you have seen me around the galacticraft forums every now and then, mainly when im posting a new suggestion and then vanishing from the site for a while due to irl stuff but today im posting something a little bit different. Some of you already know about Matt abandoning 4 space to...
  11. pra

    Addon [1.7.10] Amun-Ra 0.4.8 - Now with Motherships [NO LONGER SUPPORTED]

    I am terribly sorry, but the truth is, I can't mantain this mod. The attempt to port it to 1.8 completely broke my motivation, and after some point (and until now), I didn't even dare to return to this forum due to this. However, the mod has always been open source, so if anyone else wants to...
  12. BlesseNtumble

    Addon [1.12.2] [1.7.10] Galaxy Space [2.0.14/1.2.14 Pre-Final Build]

    About : This mod adds a lot of planets and moons for modification GalactiCraft. The addon will not work without a main mod - GalactiCraft 3. We do not pursue other creators of addons. We try to make high quality. The addon is made for version Minecraft 1.7.10 and 1.12.2 and earlier versions will...
  13. MJRLegends

    Addon [1.7.10 - 1.12.2] Extra Planets *Updated 10/01/2021*

    Extra Planets Public Discord Server for MJRLegends Projects: Here (NOT FOR REPORTING OR TALKING ABOUT BUGS, PLEASE USE THE DISCORD FOR NON BUG HELP! AND THE ISSUE TRACKER FOR BUGS) This ExtraPlanets Radiation Calculator will help you work out how long you will last on a planet/moon based on a...