[Addon Request] Addon for Upgradeable Airlock Tiers


Jul 4, 2016
The default airlocks are getting bland. There needs to be different tiers you can upgrade to. Here's what I want:
  • Tier 2- Smart airlocks: They can be set to auto-open when both sides are pressurized with breathable air, and auto-close when one side is no longer breathable. This would be useful for emergencies when a breach is sucking oxygen from another part of the base/space station.
  • Tier 3- Forcefield airlocks: Airlocks that generate a forcefield that keeps the air in. This tier of airlock would also have the abilities of Tier 2 Smart Airlocks, automatically activating when one side is not breathable, with the option to toggle this feature on/off. Could possibly be configured to block projectiles. This airlock would be great for hangar bays without the need of compression chambers.
I also made a suggestion a while back: Different Tiers of Air-Locks
If someone who's good at modding would make this addon, I would appreciate it!