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    Hey guys I am in the process of making my own mod pack and I have read the license file so I think I have a good basic understanding but I wanted to query/clarify 1 or 2 things. I know you guys are happy to include your mod so that isn't the issue but what I am curious about is am I allowed to disable items that may not fit into the theme of my modpack (not very likely) and adjustment of recipes to eliminate conflicts?
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    Yes you can tweak recipes to eliminate conflicts - though if you're aware of any major recipe clash it can be better to tell us, so that we can fix it for everyone.

    Disabling or blacklisting items for game balance reasons is OK too - although I am not aware of any dangerous or overpowered items in Galacticraft.

    If you feel that its universal power system makes IC2 too easy - I've heard this before - then the best solution is to adjust the Galacticraft energy config, for example to give power loss when converting to IC2.

    What is not allowed is to disable items or game features and then sell your players unlocks for those items, or sell them from an in-game shop etc or have your server admins /give them to players - I mean sell for real world money - some servers have tried this in the past, and it is against Mojang's rules.
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