Nostalgia ... here's what was possible in Minecraft 1.5.2

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    From 3 years ago here is a video made by players on the Voltz server I used to admin.

    It shows a very large space station with self-sufficient production of most things!

    Maybe not obvious from the video but what's impressive is:

    * that base is built in survival mode, on a server with full PVP and full raiding+griefing allowed (you might even say "encouraged")

    * the Voltz modpack included ICBM mod so everyone had anti-matter and nukes and trackers and a lot of other weapons ... the 4 players who built that base were just very, very good at the game, including building proper defences

    * it's built and filmed on a large public server: the server had probably around 120 players online while the video was being filmed - you can see all the other player activity if you watch the chat in that and that guy's other videos, we had some hilarious death messages!
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    The station seems cool :)

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