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    Good day,

    This is a forum for general support and questions such as "How do I planet trees on the moon?".. not "Minecraft Crashed... HELP!" threads.

    Please create your threads accordingly or they will be moved by a moderator/admin.

    If you would like to ask for help you need to do the following before posting anything on the forums, or have the risk of being banned.
    • Read the Frequently Asked Questions, to check for your answer.
    • Search our Galacticraft Wiki Manual, almost everything is documented. Check it to see if you are doing something wrong.
    • Search the forums for an answer to your problem.
    • Bug reports and crashes go here: Galacticraft issue list on Github, and create a new issue with your problem. If it's a crash, ALWAYS include your client log (and server log if applicable) and give detailed information like which versions of everything you are using.
    How to post your client/server log:
    1. Open your minecraft directory (usually "C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft")
    2. Open the "ForgeModLoader-client-0.log" file with notepad or a similar program
    3. Copy the whole file of text
    4. Head over to "http://pastebin.com/" and paste the text, click "Submit"
    5. Copy the address in your brower, and paste in your Github issue.
    Thanks for reporting problems!

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