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    NOTICE: "This mod updates pretty often (which is really cool), but sometimes the recipes change here and there, so don't take this advice as constant."

    I am using version 0.8.5 of Extra Planets with Minecraft 1.10.2 running Forge 2511.

    I'm a long fan of the Galacticraft and Extra Planets mods. As much as you can find anything and everything you would want about Galacticraft on the web, it's a little bit harder to find information about Extra Planets.

    So I thought I would have a thread here where we can post what we know from the mod and help each other out.

    First I'll post where to find the ores:
    Palladium: Jupiter
    Tungsten: Pluto
    Platinum: Kepler 22b
    Uranium: Ceres
    Zinc: Neptune
    Nickel: Jupiter
    Magnesium: Saturn
    Lead: Deimos & Phobos
    Crystal Stone: Uranus
    Carbon: Mercury & Venus
    Dark Iron: Eris
    Ilmenite(Titanium): Asteroids
    Desh: Mars
    Next, where to find the schematics to each Rocket:
    Tier 2: Moon (also Moon buggy & Mars Rover)
    Venus: Shield Controller & Venus Rover Schematics
    Tier 3: Mars (also Astro Miner and Cargo Rocket Schematics)
    Tier 4: Mercury (also Geiger Counter)
    Tier 5: Jupiter
    Tier 6: Saturn
    Tier 7: Uranus
    Tier 8: Neptune
    Tier 9: Pluto
    Tier 10: Eris
    Tier 10 Electric Rocket: Eris
    The hardest thing about this mod (so far for me (I'm on Tier 4 Rockets)) is dealing with the Radiation levels. Radiation starts on Mercury I think. It's present on Mercury and Ceres and Jupiter and it's moons and I'm guessing all planets after these have it too. There are 3 ways to bring your radiation down (as of 0.8.6). You can sleep for 5% off, or you can build a Anti Radiation drink for 50% off or build a Basic Decontamination Unit for 10% off (0.8.6 only).

    Now sleeping is easy but you can only do it so often and you will never be able to do anything in space if you rely on this. The Basic Decontamination Unit just came out (Jan 1st 2018) but it seems like you can only charge it by inserting 1M worth of RF batteries (for now). So that's a lot of batteries in and out until you reach that charge. So I would recommend to find all the ingredients in order to make the Anti Radiation Drink.

    So you will need 5 things for that:

    - Potash found on Mercury (limited amounts)
    - Mercury Ore found on Mercury (limited amounts)
    - Crystalize Water found on Ceres (easily) (bring a fluid tank or two)
    - Infected Water found on Mercury (easy but further apart)
    - Build the machines needed (The only hard ingot to get is the Extra Planet Uranium ingot (IC2 or Thermal Foundation Uranium won't work) (The Uranium you need can be found on Ceres but is extremely rare)

    I will right away tell you that there isn't much use in running around the planets mining the proper ways. You just won't have time. You need so much potash just to make one bottle of Anti Rad that I would recommend using a quarry to get all the ores you need from each planet. And keep moving that Quarry around. When I was mining the minecraft way, I would get 5 or 6 blocks of potash before I had to leave the planet because of Radiation. Then you can't go back on the planet for another few days until you sleep off your radiation. Plus, if you don't have a magic mod with which you can do a light spell, good luck lighting up all these planet caves.

    Once you have found all the proper items you will then need to build these machines:

    - Basic Crystallizer (input Liquid Crystalized Water, output Iodized Salt)
    - Basic Purifier (input Infected Water and Iodized Salt, output Clean Water)
    - Basic Smasher (input Potash, output Potash Shards)
    - Basic Solar Evaporation (input SUN (has to be outside) & Potash Shards, outputs Potassium)
    - Basic Chemical Injector (inputs Iodized Salt & Potassium, outputs Potassium Iodine)

    In order to make just one Anti Radiation bottle, you need 6 Potassium Iodine. That's a lot. I have it all automated and usually get 10 Anti Rad bottles made from a 120 by 120 Quarry searching for Potash on Mercury.

    So yes, you will often need to go to Mercury if you want to survive this mod. So make a nice base there. As an example, I've been at it for over 4 months without any cheats and I'm still only at Tier 4.

    Right now I'm searching for the Tier 5 Schematics on Jupiter. I'm one week into it with Anti Rad bottles, using 5 or 6 at a time and I haven't found a single dungeon yet.

    Anyway, I'm done for now. Feel free to add your 2 cents.

    EDIT: I was just told that if you have a sealed oxygen habitat with a bubble then the Radiation will stop when in this habitat. Very cool incentive in building a base.

    Also, I recommend the use of the Stargate Mod. It allows you to travel from planet to planet so much faster, add to that this little Opencomputer gem program (made by Nex4rius) which dials in the portals for you.

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